Connecting students and teachers to our network of engineers

The aim of our free school outreach programmes is to introduce students and teachers to interesting opportunities in engineering, and showcase the wide range of work of our engineering staff and students.



Classroom Workshops

Our free one hour workshops are run by female undergraduate students currently studying engineering.
They are designed to give high school students a hands-on experience to apply their knowledge of physics, maths and coding.

Senior Physics


Circuits & Motors: Students build their own DC motor or static electricity sensor using electrical components and a breadboard


Senior Calculus


Smart Carts: Students collect data about the motion of our Smart Carts and use mathematical skills to solve a problem. 

Creative Problem Solving and Engineering Design Process


Virtual or In-person: Students work collaboratively to design a solution to a problem following the design process and then share these with others to see how the process can lead to different solutions.

The activities provide a collaborative, high level taste of engineering in the form of problem solving. It focuses on abstract thinking rather than technical solutions.

Junior Coding


Spheros: Students are introduced to coding by navigating a robot through a maze using an app

Junior Maths


Aqualibrium: Students plan and build a water distribution network with pipes, calculating flow rates to ensure tanks are filled up at the same time

Junior Maths


Catapults: Students design and build a simple catapult, then test it by launching a ball from different surface heights. An optional extension for graphing results can be included.

Presentations and Panels


Our students and alumni are available for engineering career presentations or panel discussions to give high school students an idea on what working in or studying engineering is like, and what they need to be prepared for if they are considering a career in engineering.

This is suitable for a classroom, assembly or school event.

Subject Support

We provide extra academic assistance in Maths (Algebra & Calculus) and Science (Physics) for NCEA students. All of our tutors are current female engineering students who are willing to work with your students to revise content, prepare for upcoming assessments and exams and share what it’s like to be an engineering student at the University of Auckland.

We have virtual one-on-one tutoring available all year, as well as in-person and online drop-in study hubs later in the year.

If you or your school is interested in organising a specific session for your class, or after school, please contact the tutoring team directly!


We are continuously updating our programmes and work with educational professionals to develop new initiatives. If you are interested in developing a specialised program for your school feel free to contact us by email at 



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